Gorgeous gems in great settings – or ‘Classic Telly’!

We don’t have television in our house.  No aerial, not interested in watching it via the computer – and it’s so much more fun that we’ve never regretted chucking out the drip-feed into the visual vein.  The nearest we get to ‘telly’ is a collection of DVDs which have a cut-off point some time in the 1990s (with the Canadian series Due South), but most of which are in my favourite eras, the ’60s and ’70s – decades of sartorial perfection and wonderful trousers (well, I think so, anyway, and I hear flares are making a comeback, thank goodness!)

For some reason lately I have been spotting vintage items in the various episodes I’ve been watching – as a buyer and seller of vintage and antique items I suppose it’s an occupational hazard… There was the Tom Baker Dr Who story ‘Image Of the Fendahl’ which featured some very nice Denby Arabesque coffee cups and an Ode coffee pot in the Gothic splendour of the Priory in which the spooky happenings were occurring; then some more Denby china, this time in the Professionals episode ‘The Ojuka Situation’, with Doyle holed up somewhere guarding an African dictator-presumptive, and drinking coffee from a Chevron cup and saucer (very nice shape those, like the Arabesque tea-cup, large, low, square handle, practical, ergonomic); and the latest spotting, another Professionals episode ‘Hijack’, involving capitalist Communists and a bargeful of silver, not to mention a great horse and Ford Capri chase sequence (in which Doyle can be seen thoroughly enjoying sliding his gold 3.0 litre S all over the countryside).  What I spotted this time was a Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 (or it could have been an early 400i as they appeared in 1979 and the episode was dated 1980, essentially the same car but with fuel injection instead of the six lovely Weber carbs) whooshing past the window of the villains’ parked car on some motorway or busy A-road.  There was just something familiar about the shape, confirmed with nifty use of the pause button.  Definitely a Ferrari…

I wonder what I’ll spot next?